How to contact City Tours Europe

tour operator City Tours Europe travel agencyCity Tours Europe structured its internal communication on a centralized model: all emails arrive on one single ingoing mail server located in Vienna, Austria - from there they are redirected to the persons in charge. This distribution is very quick and usually happens in a maximum of ten minutes after reception of your email. A specialist takes care of your request and answers you either from our central address or from his own personal address or an email address attached to one of the specialized websites from our network - if your request regards a specific product or a specific service. You can at any rate send your answer directly to the address that contacted you: our central office in Vienna will once again redirect your email to the right person.

How to contact City Tours Europe

Whatever your request and whatever the country you are interested in in Europe, City Tours Europe is at your disposal for advice and answers by email, by phone and by post. Emails, letters and phone calls are redirected to the right place from our central office in Vienna, Austria. You will always get an answer from the very member of our staff that is the best qualified to answer your questions. Here are our contact details:

  • email:
  • phone number: +43 1 966 02 61 (for general questions), +43 6991 952 49 44 (for questions about bus rental), or +49 172 83 44 164 (in Germany)
  • fax: +43 1 253 30 33 / 7792
  • address: Rosaliagasse 19/6, A-1120 Vienna, Austria

We are looking forward to hearing from you! In the meantime, if you want to know a little more about City Tours Europe, we invite you to read the following paragraphs about our work procedure and our company philosophy.

Processing of the orders at City Tours Europe

In order to offer you a first overview of our working method, we would like to introduce you to the work procedure of City Tours Europe, which distinguishes us from all other companies in the same field of activity and assures that each customer receives the best assistance - from the advising to the payment. The first thing to know about our work procedure is:

In the interests of our customers, City Tours Europe mainly does not work on the princip of the specialist for each field, but on a system based on work-sharing and centered on each business case. Each order sent to City Tours Europe goes through several steps and several competent hands. In accordance with the "four-eye principle", at least two specialists deal with each case, which enables to considerably reduce - although not totally exclude - the risk of mistakes. Various controlling softwares and manual controls reinforce the security - as well as our emergency hotline for both customers and suppliers.

To put it shortly: we are doing our best to assure the conscientious handling of every order and the execution of every service booked in accordance with the booking contract. Yet if some unforeseen event should happen, we are best prepared to face it thanks to our ability to react in a very flexible way and to find alternative solutions in very little time. Each order to City Tours Europe goes through the following steps:

  1. Advisory: Our staff advises you in a professional and competent way about the request you sent to . You can communicate with us in the language of your choice, and we will not only advise you about the services you need immediately, but also offer you possibilities of improvement for your sightseeing programme, cost reduction for your transfer and further advice related to the service you want to book.
  2. Submission of offer: At the end of the advisory process, our staff develops a personal offer which entirely answers your wishes and your special needs.
  3. Provisional booking: If the service you want is not unlimited and always available, then we undertake a provisional booking in the same time that we submit you our offer, so as to make sure that the services we are offering will really be available for you. Therefore it can happen that you have a limited time to take your decision - in such a case, we will write it clearly on the offer we send you.
  4. Your booking: Each of our offers includes a booking form which enables you to accept the offer very quickly and thus to save a lot of time. If you want to validate the order, then please send the booking form - filled in and signed - at the fax number written on the form.
  5. Our booking confirmation: The booking only becomes legally binding with our confirmation. This is why for each order we receive, we send back a booking confirmation which sums up all important points of the contract and includes our emergency hotline number on which you can call us in case of unforeseen difficulties on the day of the service. Important: If 24 hours after your booking, you still haven't received any booking confirmation, then please contact us again: we probably haven't received your booking form.
  6. Orders to the suppliers and controls: Once the booking is completed, we take care of commissioning all suppliers needed for the services you booked - all around Europe. What's more, we have a sophisticated system of automatic and manual controls which enables us to make sure that we do not forget any order and that each contract is executed at the right time. These mechanisms are the result of our team's long experience in the field of tourism and they proved very useful and successful in many crises along the years. Some examples of our controlling system: we hold a digital order book with automatic reminder functions - as a precaution, we systematically call every service provider in Europe that are part of a service on the day before this service takes place - we have a round-the-clock hotline number on which our business partners can call us anytime for further enquiries. We are very proud of the functioning of our controlling system: you would not believe how often we were already able to to avoid problems before they even happened - thanks to this system!
  7. Execution of the contract: We make a point of working with reliable specialists all around Europe for the execution of our contracts. Our Europe-wide network includes a selection of bus companies, high-qualified tour guides and tour representatives, carefully selected restaurants, hotels and further catering businesses and accomodation facilities. We make our most to work only with suppliers and service providers we know personnally and to know exactly what the service quality and price performance ratio look like with each company we consider working with.
  8. Quality management thanks to customer feedback: A permanent screening of our suppliers and service providers is made possible by the customer feedback: Thanks to the big number of contracts, we keep getting positive and negative feedback from our customers about each of our usual partners. Thanks to this feedback, we can on one hand help our partners improve their services continually, and on the other hand separate "the sheep from the goats" very easily and delete from our catalogue any company that do not meet our and our customers' expectations.

Of course, in spite of all the measures described on this page, unforeseen situations and difficulties can happen from time to time. If this should be the case, any customer can join us anytime on our emergency hotline - we are best prepared to the quick finding of alternative solutions. We are very proud of what we are able to provide in case of problems: replacement buses, interesting change of programme in case of traffic jams or demonstrations, change of the booking in case of delay, and quick help for our employers, tour representatives and tour guides on-site in case of unfavourable circumstances, from the illness to the loss of travel documents - these are only a few examples of the advantages you enjoy when your travel is organized by City Tours Europe.

Your satisfaction is our success

We are also very proud of the fact that our success bears us out: thousands of satisfied customers from the whole continent allow us to extend our business concept unbelievably quickly every day. Our company philosophy and our service quality are the reason why many business customers have become regular customers of ours and now book all the services they need in the field of tourism with City Tours Europe, from the booking of bus transfers to the planning of incentives all around Europe. This makes us very happy, and we would like to assure both our present and future customers that we will go on doing our best to guarantee them high-quality services!

Any further question regarding City Tours Europe?

If you have any further question regarding City Tours Europe or if you want to get more information about our services, our company philosophy, our partners or our internal work procedure, please feel free to contact us at : we are looking forward to your email!