Artist services in Europe

artist agency Europe artist managementCity Tours Europe runs its own artist agency as an independant company division called "Austrian Artists". Austrian Artists and City Tours Europe can provide all kinds of artists from Austria for performances in events and shows all around Europe. If you want to read more about the services offered by "Austrian Artists", please go to our page "artist agency" on the City Tours Austria website.

We do not yet plan any expansion of City Tours as a talent agency and artist agency to other European countries. If City Tours Europe ever decides to change its business policy on this subject, be sure we will immediately make this decision public on this web page.

How to hire Austrian artists

If you are interested in booking services from an Austrian artist for a show or a performance in an event anywhere in Austria, please send us an email at including as much information as possible regarding your event and the kind of performance you are looking for. We will answer you in very little time and inform you about the various performers, entertainers, musicians, musical ensembles, bands and other Austrian artists available. We are looking forward to your email!