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job offers Europe City ToursCity Tours Europe is a fast-growing company that offers various services in the fields of tourism, entertainment, languages and marketing. Our central office is in Vienna, Austria - we also operate offices, liaison offices and subsidiaries in several other places and cooperate with various freelance workers in many European cities. This web page gives you information about currently available jobs at City Tours Europe and about the sectors in which we are currently looking for subcontractors, freelance workers and franchisees. If you are interested in one of the following descriptions, then we are looking forward to a convincing application including a letter of application and a résumé with a photo.

Important: we make our most to answer each application in as little time as possible. If we are interested in your application, be sure we will contact you anyway and invite you to a personal interview with a member of our staff in Vienna or with one of our representatives in other European countries. Unfortunately, because of the big number of applications we get, it is not always possible to write a full explanation for each refusal. It can also hapen - especially in case of careless letters of application or impersonal mass application - that we do not react at all to an application. If this should be the case, we would like to apologize in advance and assure you that this does not mean anything against you as a person, and can only be explained by the lack of time.

What's more: refusal or no reaction to an application are NOT a reason for insulting us by email or on the phone...

City Tours jobs in Austria

We do not currently have any job openings in Austria. Yet we do always welcome letters from freelancers who are interested in a co-operation with City Tours Europe, especially:

City Tours jobs in Germany

We do not currently have any job openings in Germany. Yet we do welcome anytime letters from freelance translators, tour guides and further freelancers in the field of tourism who might be interested in a co-operation with City Tours Europe.

City Tours jobs in Bulgaria

We are currently looking for an employee for the following job opening in Bulgaria:

Important information to job candidates

If you have any question regarding the job offers described on this web page, the team of City Tours Europe is at your disposal - only by email - at . We cannot take in consideration any application by phone - and as far as information by phone is concerned, we have the following rule: if you want to speak with a member of our staff responsible for a particular field, please let us know about it in your email - the corresponding person will contact you if possible. Please understand that we cannot consider any other procedure, given the multi-layered organization of our company.

Thank you for your interest in City Tours Europe's job offers - we are looking forward to reading you!